Browser problems

I'm stuck in a login/logout loop

1. If the logout menu bar option appears on your screen, the click it to logout of SmarterMaths.

2. Login.

3. When presented with the page saying you don’t have access, please click on the following link:

     You should then be presented with the SmarterMaths General 2 topics. Upon logging out and back in one more time, everything should be functioning normally.


1. Click logout

2. Clear your browser cache. It’s often as easy as pressing Ctrl-Shift-Delete together (for Windows) in whatever browser you’re using, but if that doesn’t work, then there are some slightly longer instructions (only a few mouse clicks) at for your specific browser. [And for google chrome the specific instructions are here: (note: you only need to clear the “cached images and files”)]

3. Then go to this link to log back in: