Reset your password

1. Changing your password from the welcome email

To change your password from your welcome email the very first time, the link included in that email should take you to the page where you can type in a new password.  (Note that it pre-fills the password field with a long list of weird characters…it’s just trying to suggest a strong password for you, but you can certainly type over it.)

The page you should see is something like this:

But if that’s not what you’re seeing, or you want to change your password any time in the future, then proceed to changing your password with the following instructions under “2. Changing your password (anytime you’d like)”

2. Changing your password (anytime you’d like)

At the login page, click on the “Lost your password?” links shown here at the bottom of the page:

Then it will ask you to type your username or email address…in this example I’m using an example username (mdonovan):

You should then see a spot for your new password (this image is the same as the one at the top of this email)

You can then type any password you like (or accept the crazy one the system is suggesting…but then you have to remember it!!!)

The you should see this screen telling you that your password has been reset, after which you can login with your new password:

*** If you’re still having problems, just email us at, and we’ll reset it manually from our end, and send it to you in an email.